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Fedrel meter is a manufacturer of Flow Meters and a provider of effective Flow Control Solutions

FEDREL METER started up in 2007 to serve its clients with what matters to them the most, and has grown ever since. From VTM-UTAM's beginnings as a manufacturer of Industrial Valves to manufacturing our first ever flow meters under the brand FEDREL in 2007, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs—Quality—and to deliver exceptional experience and reliable products for our customers, adding value to individual business-owners and to corporate clients - worldwide.

Currently, FEDREL METER is one of the leading manufacturers of Water meters, Oil meters and Flow meters. By delivering quality products, we’ve been able to create a strong market position which is largely supported by our knowledge and expertise gained over 10 years of Industrial Experience.In 2007, we were awarded ISO 9001: 2008 by TUV of Germany for Manufacturing of Valves & Flow Metering Solutions.

As a manufacturer, we’re fully equipped with the all the required systems and have a complete process control and calibration systems – meeting international standards. And as an organisation, we are a humble team of engineers & strategic thinkers who are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals.

Our work

FEDREL METER is considered synonymous for quality flow meters, and control solutions. The brand has gained incredible recognition among domestic as well as foreign clients. More than 50% of our total sales come fromourproduct exports covering a big piece of the world – From West and East Europe, the Near and Far East, Africa, both Americas and Australia.

In addition to delivering quality products for many years, our teams strive to bringnew products to the market – from which our clients benefit. Our own Research & Development Department collaborates with our Design Office creating new-age and custom-made products for our clients. We’re determined to craft unique customer experiences & highly functional products while still maintaining proper aesthetics.

With this, we are now among the worldwide suppliers of Industrial Valves, Water and Flow metering equipment, building a legacy of products that are redefining the future of flow meters – in an economical and energy efficient way.