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We’re proud of our history, but we’re not content to rest on our past successes.

Since ourhumble beginning in 2003, we have always been passionate about what we do andunflinchingly manufactured quality products to our clients worldwide. Starting from ground-zero, we have come a long way by serving our customers the best quality products available in the marketplace. And after 13 years of sheer dedication to quality, we’re now one of the leading manufacturers of Water and Oil Flow meters.

In 2007, we were awarded ISO 9001: 2008 by TUV of Germany for Manufacturing of Valves & Flow Metering Solutions - An award that helped our clients know about our well-maintained and calibrated systems. And it's not just that, FEDREL's Research and Development Dept. with its experts brings new products to the market, where our Design team sit together to make custom-made products for the unique requirements of our clients.

FEDREL has managed to pass the test of time and has overcome many challenges. At FEDREL, we strive for continual improvement, so we can continue to bring the world the highest quality industrial products and equipment.