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Data Logger


FEDREL make Data Logger interfaces to pulse output flow meters. These units can log forward, reverse flow and can log tamper inputs. The calculated flow rate as well as forward and reverse total flow is recorded in internal memory for retrieval later. Data Logger can also power and log data from 4-20Ma output pressure transmitters. Data logger generates the necessary voltages needed for secure operations of these 2 wire pressure transmitters. An internal high resolutions ADC converts these pressure information into digital values which can be displayed and stored. Data Logger also has provision to connect to external devices using the RS-485 communications interface. MODBUS protocol is implemented on this interface.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for all Pulse o/p meters
  • Battery power unit.
  • IP-68 enclosures ensure that the units are well protected against extreme weather conditions.
  • Store all flow reverse and forward into internal memory.
  • Operate on both GPS as well as GPRS System.
  • GPRS Communication server.
  • Real Time clock for storing data with date and time.

  • Building management systems.
  • Factory audits
  • Scada System
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Data Logger
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