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Automatic Meter Reader Meter


Description : FEDREL Make Multi Water Meter (AMR Technology)
Product Standard: IS-779/ISO-4064
Body Material cum Standard:Brass IS-1264 Gr. DCB-2
Accuracy Class : Class B (±2 % @ Nominal flow rate)
Size: 15 & 50 MM(½” To 2”)
Dial Details: Magnetic Drive, Extra Dry Dial
Temp Range : 0°C to 45°C
Protection Class : IP-68
End Details :Screwed Male Ends to BS: 21 BSP
AMR Technology: Indigenous solution to Automated Meter Reading (AMR). These Smart metering systems are cost efficient & works with any water / gas meter with pulse output. Both Fixed wireless & walk - by / drive- by wireless solutions with GSM or RF based solutions are available.

Features and Benefits

  • Battery powered working in 867 MHz Range
  • Complete solution for water, gas and electricity
  • GSM and RF based solutions are available.
  • Data logging in the MIU'S
  • Multi- hot networking capability.
  • Internet enabled software.
  • Automatic billing and reports.
  • Efficient non- intrusive meter reading
  • Safety and private issues avoided
  • Enhanced monitoring og system integrity
  • Improved conservation and efficiency.
  • Improved customer services.
  • Help in detecting theft of services
  • More efficient billing / improved cash flow

  • Water Audits
  • Rent a Flowmeter
  • Energy Audits
Product Catalog

Automatic Meter Reader Meter
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