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Turbine Flow Meter FM-11


Description : FEDREL Make Turbine Type Digital Water Flow Meter
Display: Digital LCD
Body Material:SS304, SS316 (L)
Temp Range:20°C to 120°C Maximum Pressure:20 Bar End Details : Flanged Ends to ASME B 16.5 (# 150) Accuracy: ±1%, ±0.5%, ±0.2% (need special order) Turndown: 1:10, 1:15; 1:20 Relative Humidity: 5% to 90%, Atmospheric pressure 86 to 106 KPa Output Signal Sensor: pulse frequency signal, low electrical level≤0.8V,high level ≥8V Transmitter: two wire, 4-20 mA DC current signal Power Supply Sensor: +12V DC, +24V DC (optional) Transmitter: +24V DC Local indication type: built-in 3V lithium cell or +24VDC external Explosion-proof type: M20 × 1.5 (F) Enclosure Protection:IP65

Features and Benefits
  • Two-line LCD indicator
  • Compact structure
  • Clear reading
  • High reliability
  • No effect by external power
  • Anti-thunder
  • Low cost
  • Indication of both flow rate (4 digits effective figures) & total flow (8 digits effective figures, with zero clear function).
  • All effective data kept for 10 years after power off
  • Explosion proof, ExdIIBT6
  • Oil and gas
  • Water and waste water
  • gas utility
  • chemical
  • power, food and beverages
  • aerospace
  • metal and mining
  • pharmaceutical
  • Pulp and paper industries.
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Turbine Flow Meter FM-11
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