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Multi Jet Water Flow Meter Vertical Type (FM-107)


Description : FEDREL Make Multi Jet Water Meter Vertical Type (Ductile Iron Body)
Size range : 15 & 25 MM (½” To 1”)
Temp Range : 0°C to 45°C
Accuracy Class : Class B (±2 % @ Nominal flow rate)
Product Standard : IS-779/ISO-4064
Body Material cum Standard : ASTM A 536 Gr. 65-45-12
Dial Details : Magnetic Drive, Extra Dry Dial
Protection Class : IP-68
End Details : Screwed Male Ends to BS: 21 BSP

  • Apartment & Residence
  • Industries
  • Agriculture
Features and Benefits
  • Extra Dry Dial and superior design to have extra long life.
  • Hermetically sealed register ensures that all internal parts clean and prevents fogging throughout the entire lifetime of the meter.
  • Robust copper alloy body to pass the strongest resistance tests in both static and dynamic conditions.
  • High quality engineered materials for hydraulics and register pivot ensure high reliability and durability
  • Shock –resistant material for register and closure.
  • High performance magnetic transmission ensures no part of the register is in contact with water
  • Interchangeable spare parts for easy online maintenance
  • High sensitivity, low pressure loss
  • 100% of the products are calibrated and all calibrations results can be provided
  • Sitarc
  • IP-68
  • BIS
  • FCRI
Product Catalog

Multijet Water Flow Meter Vertical Type (FM-107)
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