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Flow Totalizer


FEDREL make flow totalizer series are extremely versatile flow meters that can be used for a wide verity of applications. These meters offer extreme reliability and low cost for flow measurement. Flow totalizer series can be used for water and water like liquids including acids and alkalis. Microprocessor based instrumentation ensure accurate readings for both rate of flow indication and total flow indication. A number of programmable features including in-line calibration are standard.

Features and Benefits

  • GSM communication to central monitoring station through GPRS, Data call, short message service.
  • 10 phone numbers to which data will be sent through sms.
  • After successful data transmission records will be cleared automatically.
  • 220 VAC supply
  • IP-68 enclosures ensure that the units are well protected against extreme weather conditions.
  • Suitable for all Pulse o/p meters

  • Building management systems.
  • Factory audits
  • Scada System
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Flow Totalizer
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