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Portable Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter FM-21


Description : FEDREL Make Ultrasonic Flow Meter has portable handheld device. The ultrasonic flow meter is composed by a digital converter and two clamp-on ultrasonic transducers. It is designed to measure the fluid velocity of a liquid inside a closed conduit. The transducers are a non-contacting, clamp-on type, which provide benefits of non-fouling operation and easy installation. It is a art state-of-the-art universal transit-time flowmeter designed using SLSI technology and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission. While principally designed for clean liquid applications, the instrument is tolerant of liquids with the small amounts of air bubbles or suspended solids found in most industrial parts.
Size range : 15 To 3000 MM
Flow range : 0~40 ft/s (0~±12 m/s)
Accuracy : ±1%
Repeatability : - 0.3%
Linearity : ±1%
Output Analog output: 4~20mA,Max 750Ω
Storage: 2GB
Max:512 files
Interval: 5~60 seconds
Power Supply: 11.1V rechargeable Lithium
Battery Power: (continuous operation of main battery 16 hours) Keypad Tactile Keys
Display: 64×128 alphanumeric backlit LCD
Temperature: Humidity 0~99%RH, non-condensing Encapsulated design, IP68 Standard cable length:5m

Features and Benefits
  • As the instrument and the transducers are non-contacting and have no moving parts
  • Flowmeter cannot be affected by system pressure, fouling or wear
  • Low power consumption, high precision, high reliability, high capability and low cost
  • Clear, user friendly menu selection make flowmeter simple and convenient to use
  • Almost- all universal measurement units worldwide may be selected to meet customer’s requirement
  • Daily, monthly, yearly totalized flow: Totalized flow for the last 64 days and months as well as for the last 5 years are may be viewed
  • Power ON/OFF function: allows the viewing of the time and flow rate as power is switched on and off 64 times. Also, the flowmeter has manual or automatic amendment during offline sessions.
  • With the SD Card, 512 files can be stored; the time interval can be within 5 seconds
  • Parallel operations of positive, negative and net floe totalizer with scale factor and 7 digit display
  • The flow meter ensures the higher resolution and wider measuring range by the 0.04nS high resolution, high linearity and high stability time measuring circuit and 32 bits digits processing program.
  • Outputs & Flexible programming
  • Data logging feature has save the data upto 3 years.
  • Have the facility to increase and decrease.

  • Water, sewage (with low particle content) and seawater
  • Water supply and drainage water
  • Power plants (nuclear power plant, thermal and hydropower plants), heat energy, boiler feed
  • water and energy management system
  • Metallurgy and mining applications (cooling water and acid recovery, for example)
  • Petroleum and chemicals
  • Food, beverage and pharmaceutical
  • Marine operation and maintenance
  • Energy economy supervision and water conservation management
  • Pulp and paper (clean liquid applications)
  • Pipeline leak detection
  • Regular inspection, tracking and collection
  • Energy measuring and balance
  • Network monitoring systems and energy/flow computer management
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Portable Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter FM-21
Document No: FM-21